St. Joseph Alexandria

Altar Servers

ServersSaint Joseph Catholic Church Altar Server serves as Knight and Ladies of the Altar.

The church Deacon serves and assists the Priest in the Mass. To that end the Altar Servers serve and assist the Priests and Deacons at the Mass.

Deacon – Formal training is given by
Deacon Al Anderson
• Annually or as needed

Altar Server Coordinator – a Senior Altar server(s) assist the Deacon
• Writing the Altar Server Schedule
– Posting the schedule in the Sacristy
– Delivering copies to the servers

• All Sunday Masses (8:30 a.m. & 11 a.m.)

Membership requirements
Altar Servers must have received First Communion

For more information contact Deacon Al Anderson, 703 989-5810
or Anthony Johnson, 601 462-8039