St. Joseph Alexandria

Eucharistic Ministers

Representation of Christ’s Paschal Mystery, made present in the Eucharist, is a sign that Christ has fulfilled his promise to remain with us: “And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” (Mt. 28:20)

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist the ordinary ministers – priests and deacons – in service to the Church community through the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass, and to the parish sick or homebound. EMs manifest the faith and charity of the whole church community toward those who cannot be present at the Eucharist, in particular by taking them communion from the Eucharistic celebration, as a sign of union with, and support and concern shown by, the community for its members.

Once approved by the pastor, individuals wishing to become EMs attend formal instruction given by the Diocese of Arlington.

They then are commissioned to serve a three-year term. Duty at Sunday Masses is for one month at a time on a rotational schedule, voluntarily on holidays. All EMs also are assigned to one or more parish sick or homebound to whom they will take Holy Communion during prayerful visitation, normally on Sundays. The Diocese controls the number of EMs in the parish. It is based on the sick at home.

To learn more about becoming an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, please contact Candy Deramous.