St. Joseph Alexandria


Lector 1Lectors are proclaimers of the Word of God.
The Lector proclaims and conveys God’s Holy Word so that the Word challenges, confronts, and captures the hearts of His people so all will understand. The Lector affects the presence of God among the Christians gathered in Worship. The Lector makes the public proclamation of God’s will to the Assembly of Christians. They are the voices which in the here and now communicate God’s words to the Assembly of Christians.

General desire to proclaim the Word of God
Speaking ability
Understanding of Liturgy of the Mass
Completion of Training – content is based on previous reader experience
Flexibility in availability and willingness to fill in as necessary.

Please contact Phillippa Johnston at or 240-274-2403. Lectors meet once a year to review roles. During the year Lectors communicate by email. Reading schedules for both Masses are produced for 2 months at a time based on individual availability.

The schedule is generated every 2 months, based on availability.